#AUTHORS – ONCE is NEVER enough!

This is a promotion tool for authors that can’t be beat!

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Have you noticed that when it comes to pieces of chocolate, or fingers of certain chocolate coated caramel biscuits, ONE and ONLY ONE is NEVER enough?

That’s not greed (unless you overindulge) – it’s called getting satisfaction.

And remember how, in Primary (First Grade) School, you had to repeat the ‘Arithmetic Times Tables’ or spelling of longer words until they became engrained in your memory?

That’s NOT torture – it’s called REINFORCEMENT until it becomes natural and instinctive.

Or how you had to practice Field Sport moves, rehearse your lines for School Plays, practice dance steps, repeat phrases and words in foreign languages, until they became second nature?

I’m sure, you’ll think of many other things you had to repeat and repeat and repeat until you got them JUST RIGHT.

Well, it’s the same with appearances on blogs other than your own and book promotions!


ONCE is NEVER enough!


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