I am an Award Winning Author, screenwriter, songwriter and most of all an individual. I tell true stories in a creative and entertaining way. I love sharing what other authors are doing and any information I feel is useful to other authors. I also enjoy playing guitar and writing music. With each book I publish, I also release a music CD of original music that matches the time period of the book. This is something unique and I haven’t met many other authors who do this, but for me, they go hand in hand. My stories all evolve and revolve around the music.

ONLINE_3D-CD_Cover_FortyFootHigh Rick-CD-Cover-Final  ONLINE_FrontCover_WhenTheRosesBloomAgain



I have a music and book publishing company through which I publish my books and music.



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    1. Oh my goodness!! What a surprise. Of course, I would LOVE to accept your nomination. I will look for details on your blog as to how to accept the nomination! Thank you for thinking of me.


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