#TarotTuesday – Ten of Wands

Welcome to another Tarot Tuesday!

If you are just joining me, let me explain the inspiration to begin these posts. In Texas, and all across the country, Taco Tuesday is a popular day when Tacos are usually 99 cents. So, I had the inspiration, or Angel nudge as I like to think of it, to create a Tarot Tuesday. Each Tuesday I will post a different Tarot card and give its meaning. I pray and ask for the right card that will bring a universal message.

I created a short video to demonstrate how I pull the card for the posts. If you’re interested, here’s a LINK.

I was hoping for a lighter card this week, but the cards can only tell us the truth. So today, I’ll talk about the Ten of Wands.

The keywords to this card are: Burden, extra responsibility, hard work, and completion.

The Ten of Wands shows a man carrying a large bundle of sticks toward a small town only a short distance away. His back is bent and he appears to be weighed down by the heavy load he is carrying, but he knows he is almost at his destination and will soon be able to release the heavy weight he is bearing.

The Ten of Wands notes that you are taking on an extra burden, a heavier workload, or greater responsibility. Even though it is weighing you down and making things tougher for you, you understand it is only temporary, so you are willing to put in the hard work now to accomplish your goal and reap the rewards later. 

Sometimes, the Ten of Wands appears when you are unconsciously taking on extra responsibility and finding yourself feeling weighed down, exhausted and burnt out. You may try to do everything at once, even though you know it is adding extra pressure to your daily life. The Ten of Wands asks you to stop and examine your current lifestyle or work. Assess which activities or tasks are urgent or important, particularly concerning your broader goals. 

The good news is that the Tens in Tarot represent the completion of a cycle, and with the Ten of Wands, the end is in sight! You have been pushing yourself to your limits and working very hard to achieve your goal. Sure, you might collapse in a heap of exhaustion when you get there, but you know it will be all worth it and well earned!

The Ten of Wands can also show that even with the achievement of your goal, some significant responsibilities and commitments come with it. When you reach a point of completion, you become starkly aware that you must now carry on with the duties you have laid out for yourself, to ensure ongoing success. The trouble is, however, that these responsibilities may become too much to bear and you are struggling to let go. It is like the business owner who creates a flourishing business but is unprepared to delegate some of his or her responsibilities to the staff and ends up working seventy to eighty hours a week. The inspiration and creativity that came with the initial goal or vision disappear and everything becomes hard work all too quickly. Thus, it is essential to let go of or delegate some of your responsibilities to free you up to still enjoy life.

Well, there you have it. This card is very personal to me and my current situation in life. If you follow my blog, you know I took the #NaNoWriMo challenge at the first of the month. Then life happened. For four days, I took care of my three grandboys and two dogs while my daughter was out of town on a work trip. So, you can well imagine I didn’t get a lot of writing done. Then, my younger daughter asked me to watch the two grandgirls so she and her husband could take a three-day anniversary trip. Of course, I didn’t say no. I do a lot for my kids, but they do a lot for me. And, they pay me when I help out. So, has my workload become too much to carry? Yep! Of my own doing, of course. 🙂 But, the good news with this card is that I an going to complete some part of my goal. The exciting part is that I returned to the story after letting it lay for over a year. And, the way I look at it is any word count is good. Right? Okay, tell me how this card resonates with you.

Thank you for joining me! See you next Tuesday for another inspiring message from the Universe via the Tarot Cards!

As always, I use the Rider-Waite Radiance deck and BiddyTarot.com for interpretations.